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Why do I need a Custom Site?
We understand that your Web site is important for your business to help you gain new customers and retain existing ones. For some clients, your Web site is the first point of contact, from which they form an impression of your company. That's why it's so important for your site to be easy to navigate, work properly and look professional. Custom Web Design Services from Square One Software can give your company a unique personality and style that will help you stand out from the competition.
One of the first questions anyone asks when looking into building a custom Web site is "How much is it going to cost?" Of course, when developing custom sites there are many variables to take into consideration which could make a site more or less expensive. Generally, a custom Web site with an average of 5 pages will cost between $2,000 and $4,000*. This includes site design, development, testing and deployment. Web Hosting is also available.
Start from "Square One"
Before we can start designing a custom site for your business, we need to know a little bit about your business and your customers. That is why we always offer a free 30 minute consultation with all new clients. During our initial consultation, we discuss:
  » Your business and get a feel for how it works;
  » Your company's future goals and expectations of the site;
  » The need for the site - educate, promote or sell;
  » Your customers' needs;
  » The type of Internet technology your customers will be using to visit the site (browser type and version, connection speed, Acrobat and Flash plug-in, etc.);
  » Determining how the content should be presented to benefit your customers.
It is only after this initial phase that we start designing your Web site. First we need to determine who you are and where you want to go, so we can help you get there.
* Understandably, price is a barrier to entry for many small businesses. That's why we also offer lower cost Square One Templates.
250 MB of Storage
10GB Data Transfer
99.95% Uptime
Database Support
Only $14.95/month
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Roundhouse Imageworks
Square One Software announces the launch of a new Web site for Broad Street Dental!
Square One Software announces the launch of a new E-Commerce site for Stone Cottage Soapworks!
Square One Software announces the launch of a redesigned Web site for Authentic Eastern Health!

If you are looking for an inexpensive off-site backup solution for your PC, give Carbonite a try.

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Update your own Web site with U-ManageIt™ Administrative Forms. Keep your content fresh and save on maintenance costs.
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