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U-ManageIt™ (UMI) Administrative Forms

Square One Software understands that once you have a Web presence, you don't want to spend a lot of money maintaining your site and keeping its content fresh. That is why we created UMI Administrative Forms. These forms allow you to easily update your site using only your Web browser. A UserId and Password are required to access the form, so you don't have to worry about unauthorized access*.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about adding UMI Administrative Forms to your Web site.

U-ManageIt™ Product Database

Do you have products to sell online but don't have the budget for a traditional E-commerce Web site? Our Product Database might be just what you're looking for!

  • Lower Cost
    • No SSL needed for purchasing products
    • No Gateway Fee
    • Uses PayPal Shopping Cart†
  • PayPal Integration
    • Uses PayPal Website Payments Standard
      • No Monthly Fees
      • No Set-up Fees
      • No Cancellation Fees
      • Standard PayPal Pricing
    • Accept all Major Credit Cards and PayPal Payments
  • Maintain Own Product Inventory
    • Web Based Interface
    • Add/Edit/Delete Products and Product Information
    • Show/Hide Products on Site
    • Database Driven
  • Secure* Login
    • Password Protected
  • Third Party Web Site Integration
    • Send customer to other Web site for purchasing
    • Each product can link to a different Web site
  • Optional Third Party Integration of Orders with QuickBooks

* U-ManageIt™ forms are most secure when using SSL.
† PayPal Business Account required.

How the Product Database works

1. Web Site is built with UMI Product Database

2. Login
The site administrator is given a User Id and Password in order to gain access to the Product Database Interface.

3. Manage Products
Managing all of your products is easy! A listing of all products is displayed sorted by Product Id. Clicking any of the columns will sort the data by the column data. You can add a new product from here, or edit and update an existing product by clicking on the Edit link for the specified product.

4. Add/Update Products/Product Information
The Add New Product button or Edit link will bring you to the Add/Edit Product screen. All product information can be entered here, along with a product image and thumbnail.

5. Products Appear on Web Site Front End
Your Web site will have links based on Categories you define. Clicking any category link will display products that have been associated with that category. You can also have a "View All" link to see all products at one time. Products can be bought from this page using the Buy Now button.

6. Product Detail on Web Site Front End
Clicking on the product thumbnail or product name link will display the Product Detail page. This page displays the product details along with a Buy Now button which the customer can click to add the product to his or her shopping cart.

Contact us for a quote on using UMI Product Database with a new Web site or to integrate the Product Database into your existing site.

250 MB of Storage
10GB Data Transfer
99.95% Uptime
Database Support
Only $14.95/month
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Square One Software announces the launch of a new Web site for Broad Street Dental!
Square One Software announces the launch of a new E-Commerce site for Stone Cottage Soapworks!
Square One Software announces the launch of a redesigned Web site for Authentic Eastern Health!

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Update your own Web site with U-ManageIt™ Administrative Forms. Keep your content fresh and save on maintenance costs.
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